Call Tracking

Call TrackingWhich One Of Your marketing promotions are actually producing telephone calls … and which advertising campaigns are just burning up your cash?

Call Tracking allows you to see specifically which strategies are actually producing telephone calls and then you can find out specifically how customers are discovering your local business.

Our Call Tracking solution records each phone call, so you know if your workers are addressing telephone calls effectively and if they are using methods developed to transform your callers into premium leads and finally into paying customers.

Using call tracking, you can quickly and easily pinpoint the advertising channels that get your phone to ring by determining which telephone calls are coming from direct mail, newspapers and magazines, radio stations, TELEVISION, printed sales brochures, plain letters, email messages, YouTube, Google Business Places, Facebook, billboards and even your own Website.

Make sure that your marketing dollars on not being wasted and that you’re actually getting a Return On Investment with your Call Tracking System and Analytics. Thanks to an incredible increase in cell phone use and mobile phone searches by customers, local businesses are enjoying billions of clients calls every month. When handled properly, these telephone calls could readily transform to profits valued TEN TIMES the actual cost to create each lead.

However, you must have the ability to track these telephone leads back to their origins in order to know exactly what’s working. That way you can easily determine exactly where to direct your marketing efforts and get the greatest return for your marketing dollars.

If you want to quit guessing where your telephone leads are really coming from, and LEARN for certain exactly how effective your marketing and advertising is really working, contact us right now.

We could create various tracking telephone numbers for all of your on-line and offline advertising campaigns so that you find out precisely where your calls are coming from.

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