GroundUp Landscaping and Home Renovations Proposal

Hello David

Thanks for considering Web Marketing And Leads. Here are a Couple Options I Can Give You…

Normally, If you click on the Portfolio tab, you can see I set up websites for pretty much any type of business.

There are a few things I can see that GroundUp NEEDS and a few you may just want.

  1. YOU NEED a Website. I usually set those up for $497 but As I Said – I Will cut you a Great Deal. Here is a Sample of a Landscaping:
  2. Of Course I Believe you NEED to Get Set Up and Google Registered as well as Optimized to help you at least Be Able To Show Up On Google and especially in the Google 3 pack we discussed or Even in the GOOGLE 10 PACK. Right now Google can’t even find you – as if you don’t exist except on Facebook:
  3. Your site of course would NEED to Coordinate With Your Logo and Your Services and Be MOBILE Friendly meaning it still sizes properly when looked at on various devises, cell phones, tablets, etc…
  4. Your Site NEEDS a TAP-TO-CALL button so that people who search you on mobile can just touch the screen and your number pops up ready to hit SEND on their phone to dial.
  5. Your Site NEEDS a “Contact Us” Form – so that they can also contact you by email.
  6. Your Site should have an optional OPT-IN form-so they can get on your list that follows up ever so often on auto-pilot to keep YOUR business in the front of their mind.
  7. I can also give you some guidance on getting testimonials and getting them posted on YOUR SITE, GooglePlus, and in the Google local listings.
  8. Typically, just maintaining and hosting of a Website like That Would cost you $50 a month.
  9. If you wanted more ongoing ranking service (Which I think would really benefit your business in the long run) it would require me spending a few extra hours monthly to help push you more into that Google 3 pack for the various areas you service and even start moving you up on Google in general for your areas – I Will do that for $100 a month and even include the hosting in it.

So Here is My Offer, Like I Said Earlier I Really Like Working With People In My Local Area. So This Is Incredibly Lower than I go for standard clients… I can:

  1. Set-Up Your Site,
  2. Google optimize it so that it can start showing up on Google for your specified services and areas
  3. Position you so Google at least acknowledges you exist and maybe show up in the Google 3 or 10 Pack,
  4. Set-up a Tap-To-Call
  5. Set Up a Contact Form so they can email you
  6. Host it Monthly for Just $135 and then $50 a Month.

And if you are really serious about moving up in the 3 pack, start ranking for individual terms of your actual services and just moving your site up even in the regular Google listings I can give you the second option. It takes a few more hours a month for me to do this but I can start listing your name around the internet and some other things internet marketing tasks that will, in time move you into, then up the google 10 Pack until we can get you even in the 3 pack. This will also help you start ranking for your keywords like landscaping or home improvement or home renovations.

Sometimes we get it quick and sometimes it takes a few months to get it there. Once we move it that far I would keep doing those tasks to keep you beating your competitors. I Can work at that level for you monthly for Just $135 and then $100 a Month.