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How easy is your web site to read on a cell phone or tablet? Are your clients able navigate or browse from their smaller screens on their smartphones and tablets?

Or are your customers turned off because they aren’t able to read your site from their mobile phones? Did you know after many consecutive years of increase that in 2014 MOBILE SEARCHES finally exceeded the number of searches done on laptops and desktops. That’s right, in 2014 50.3% of all searches were done on a mobile device.

Google Chrome is now the number one web browser. It has even passed internet explorer, firefox, and safari in the number of people using the various web browsers. Do you know why? Because Google is dominating the cell phone market through their Android phones which they have purposefully pre-loaded with Google Chrome.

The majority of people keep their smart phones on or right next to their body everywhere they go. They keep them on their body and even next to their bed when they sleep at night. When they decide to visit a nearby restaurant or any various other local businesses, they take out their smartphones to locate them online. That’s right, one study says that around 84% of Local Buyers search online when they are searching for a product or service. Can they find you? And if they do, can they even see your site on their mobile device?

Speaking of your customers finding you, did you also know that Google’s recent update made it so that it favors those sites that are what we call “Mobile Friendly.” That means that the search engines are slowly moving sites that are easy to navigate and read on mobile devices upwards in the search engines and moving sites that are “NOT Mobile Friendly further DOWN the search results, maybe even to page 2 or 3 where no one ever goes. YOU NEED TO GET YOUR SITE MOBILE FRIENDLY or find yourself BANISHED to Internet Neverland – you know – where no site is ever found.

If… a) your site does not appear in mobile search engine results, b) is difficult to read, and/or c) hard to browse through on a smart phone, tablet, or any other mobile device…. then you’re most definitely losing customers and money — and most business owners have no idea.

Your clients are mobile, you have to be mobile as well. Chances are good that many of your competitors have currently started accommodating their mobile clients by sending them direct messages and updates through text or sms messages and maybe even customized mobile applications. Many of them are also oblivious to the impact of Mobile marketing on their Business. Now YOU KNOW HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO BE MOBILE FRIENDLY. Time to do something about what you know!

You should check and see if your web site is mobile friendly by entering your web address right into your own smartphone’s web browser. Maybe even notice if your browser is Google Chrome.

Or You can…

CLICK HERE To View Your Site On Mobile!

Go ahead and start evaluating your site against this checklist:

  1. Is the content on your site easily read?
  2. Can you see the entire screen without having to scroll side to side or zoom in or out?
  3. Does your website load up fairly quick?
  4. Switch off your Wireless WiFi and switch over to the 3G or 4G Data Plan on your smartphone if you know how, that way you can replicate the reduced online speed rates of many of the mobile networks. Does it still function well on both speeds?
  5. Can you see all the essential material of your website in 1 or 2 web pages?
  6. Can you promptly reach various web pages, and also locate just what your prospects are going to be seeking?
  7. Are the words on your page big enough to read without zooming or squinting?
  8. Are the clickable links to close together to actually click?

If you responded “NO” to any one of these bullet point questions then your site lags behind your competition.

You should also check your website here to see if Google sees your site as Mobile Friendly:

However, you can stop stressing. We could get your web site a fresh new makeover as well as boosted performance with:

  • Reduced, easy-to-read material.
  • Streamlined mobile friendly navigating.
  • Fast-loading web pages.
  • Clear Calls to Action made to convert site visitors right into purchasers of your products and services.
  • Easy Touch buttons that you could easily click with one finger.

“The main reason that you need to upgrade your web site now is to satisfy the wants and needs of your clients. They would like to get info quickly, they are on the go, and also they are prepared to get your products and services. Now!”

Are You Ready? Ready to get started getting prospects calling in, dropping by, and buying your “Stuff” today?

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We understand today’s mobile customers shopping actions, as well as we understand the best ways to develop an excellent Mobile Internet site for your company.

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