Hello. Dr. Kearney and OhioGuidestone.

This is Ed Przybylski from http://WebMarketingAndLeads.com

I wanted to reach out to you regarding your website http://www.ohioguidestone.org/ and your internet presence. Your Site Is Very Likely Costing You Money!

I discovered that Your website is NOT Mobile Friendly. Why is that important to you?

  1. Over 52% of all web searches are now done through mobile devices.
  2. 80% of local buyers/clients/donors will search a local business before they call, visit, or invest.
  3. Over half of those who search online will only look at the first 3-4 listings.
  4. 95% Will never leave the first page of Google.
  5. As of last year, Google actually began “de-listing” many sites that are not mobile friendly and many companies are finding themselves relegated to page 5 or 10 or even worse in the Google search engines.

Here is why this is important to you. Having a site that is difficult to navigate, unreadable with tiny print, links too close together and otherwise unfriendly to mobile devices is the equivalent of having the front of your building dilapidated, defaced, and under construction.

You want to put forth the best image possible both online and offline and believe it or not your main entrance is on the web, especially on mobile devices. For many of your potential clients, donors, and others who decide whether their money goes to you or another agency…
… the first and last exposure to your company may be your website.

Your Website Needs To be mobile Friendly.

Take a look at your site through your cell phone. Notice how small and scrunched all your print is and difficult to navigate. Also you cannot navigate any where on the page without having to find the scroll bars on the top and bottom and painstakingly maneuver through your phones. Just Click here to see how your site looks on mobile and what Google thinks of it.

The Web Design I was thinking about for OhioGuidestone would be like this:
http://demo.bizomart.com/counselors/ << You can also right click then copy that link and paste it in this page here and see how it would function http://webmarketingandleads.com/mobile-check/


Or even something like this
http://ibizleads.com/counselling/   << You can also right click then copy that link and paste it in this page here and see how it would function http://webmarketingandleads.com/mobile-check/
You can see how both of these and your own site functions and would be scrollable and mobile friendly by pasting the link I gave for each at: http://webmarketingandleads.com/mobile-check/ or looking at them in your cell phone.

Another goal you should have is to make sure you are in the first 3 google listings as well as in the “google local business” listings at the top and more visible.

That means when people search for different terms like foster care or specific types of counseling or even your competitors company names you could be first on the search engines that EVERYONE uses. That means when potential clients or donors search for your services and your competitors names they would find you instead.

I also noticed that your company is paying Google pay per click for some terms like “foster care”. Obviously OhioGuidestone is spending money in these areas. It is a shame to see those funds not being utilized to their utmost potential.

It would be far better for your website to be automatically ranked all the time for those terms while being Mobile Friendly to the near 200 million cell phones plus other mobile devices just here in the United States.

One other thing I thought you might want to know, just in general, as I was looking you have some pretty impressive video work being done but on your YouTube channel you may want to delete this negative comment. https://www.youtube.com/user/OhioGuidestoneVision/discussion. Whoever has access to inside your YouTube can just login and click on “hide comment” for that specific comment.

Your organization is incredible in its expertise.
Your problem is that you need an attractive, mobile friendly, website that you are proud to send donors and clients to, that can be naturally ranked on the search engines.

That is the solution that I Provide!

My proposition is that you continue to do what you do best and allow me to maintain an impressive online entry into your agency. I can
provide you with a website that is mobile friendly and attractive. I can help you get your business listed for various terms naturally and listed in the Google Local Search.

I look forward to being of service to your organization,
Ed Przybylski